i *heart* new toys

I just hit “Order” on the Dell site for my new computer. I’m not going to have the Omnicom Employee Discount on new toys for much longer, so I used my cashed in vacation days pay to buy a new desktop.

New toy will be a 3GhZ, with 512 RAM (I’ll pick up another gig off eBay soon), a 160GB hard drive, 256MB video card, dual DVD drives (one to burn), and a 19″ flatscreen monitor. Maybe Dell had too many 19″ flatscreens lying around, because they were doing free upgrades. But since the machine also has TV in/out capabilities, Windows Media Edition, and a remote control for watching, that 19″ screen will sure come in handy for watching digitally recorded episodes of “The OC”

It should get here in two weeks. I totally can’t wait. I’m never coming out of my room now. I may just stay in here and watch psuedo-TiVO’ed cartoons and history shows and Netflix’d DVDs. (I hear that Windows Media Edition + the DirectTV we’re getting = a TiVO-esque setup, and I’ve always wanted one of those) And video games – my guy roomate is already offering to get me copies of games for a new computer.

And of course, thanks to my freelance status, I’ll get to tax deduct the machine. Sure, I intend to use it to do my freelance poker work. I just intend to do that while watching burned DVDs of recorded episodes of The Oblongs.

Life’s good when a new computer is on its way. My inner geek is happy.

2 responses to “i *heart* new toys

  1. It’s not so much “tivo-esque” as it is “way fucking better than tivo”.

    we’ll talk.

  2. But will it read my mind and tell me what I want to watch like TiVO does?

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