more social commentary!

A vlogger caught this van getting stuck at the Pavilions across from my new office.

Mobile pet grooming. Now THAT is a L.A. concept. Even weirder? The fact that unwashed homeless people who would probably love access to a shower sleep in the doorways of the pet grooming facilities around Venice.

Oh, and where is the new celebrity hot spot that everyone’s flocking to on the West Coast?

SANTA FRICKIN’ MONICA. As in, that seaside city just north of Venice. The one that is, basically, all the yuppie parts of Kitsilano (4th street and Kits Beach) rolled in with all the yuppie parts of Kerrisdale (which is all of Kerrisdale). And a city I go into almost every single day, for some reason or another.

Click here to see the original article [Defamer]

The article’s hilarious, because it really does sound like it was written in 1972, and you can almost hear the the trumpet Muzak melody and Anchorman-style narration in the article. (“Fly Pan-Am to beautiful Santa Monica, on the Pacific Ocean shores of Los Angeles!”)

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