manners lesson #473

If you are a guy who has gone out with a girl once, six months ago, and the last time you talked to her was four months ago, and THAT was to tell her you had a girlfriend (and you called her to tell her that), it is NOT appropriate to call and leave a voice message asking if you can crash on her couch for three days because you “just got free tickets to an expo” in her city. Not even if you cushion it by saying, “if not, I totally understand, but would like to see you anyways.”

Manners, it seems, just aren’t universal anymore.

4 responses to “manners lesson #473

  1. bad, bad, BAD manners. Bad users!!

  2. Jesus damn! Guys are soooo fucking stupid!

  3. I think he got it when I responded with a chirpy-bitch voicemail about how I had a party tonight and a peace group meeting followed by kickball meeting tomorrow, and Critical Mass followed by girls’ movie night on Friday – translation – you are not important enough for me to make the time for you.

    He responded with a voicemail saying he would be busy anyways because this expo generates parties, which is COMPLETE crap because MY ROOMATE IS AT THE SAME THING, and HE would take me to any parties.

    Oh, the hilarity!

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