a hilarious moment at camp

Here’s the scene:

Saturday morning. Campsite. With two guy nerds. I realize that, despite reminding myself to do so on Friday, I have forgotten to pack critical supplies for the particular female inconvenience that has just befallen me.

So then, I have to explain to the boys why we have to stop at the general store in town immediately. They, of course, do not realize the urgency of the situation, but after some snapping, take me to Charlie’s General Store, slogan: “We Have Everything You Need!”

The general store is, predictably, filled with & run by old guys in fishing hats, leaning back in plastic chairs around the coffee machine, probably discussing WWII and/or fishing stories. I am immediately disturbed, because I don’t want to have to ask one of these good ol’ boys for tampons.

Fortunately, the one woman in the store came up to assist me at the register, when she saw me patiently waiting for my behind the counter item. As she handed me the box, I complimented her on her nails. Which were inch long press-on fingernails, done in a glittery Stars-and-Stripes pattern.

I accept my box and change, run to the bathroom, and am then able to go about the rest of my day. Remember how tampon commercials used to promise that you could do all kinds of outdoor stuff if you used Tampax? It’s true!

Moral of story? Camp is a bad place to be when it’s that time of the month.

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