push it forward

Job offer today (OK, yesterday). Opportunity good enough to make me visualize packing up my cube at the Agency. Money not good enough for me to go through with leaving the Binoculars without serious thought. If they’d only gone for a few thousand more, I would have started drafting the resignation letter to hand off to my boss. Now, I have to think. My Zen Judaism beliefs tell me that this is my challenge, to have to make the decision without material factors being a consideration. But I still live in Los Angeles, and this is not an easy town to live in without a lot of income.

Push it forward, take the chance: it’ll be interesting to see if I really can follow any sort of path, rather than just falling into it by dumb luck. I thank the higher powers, every day, that I have been given what I needed in the last few years when it comes to my work, my career, which has always been based on Internet. I had the chance to get back into online media, online advertising, my old career, immediately after I graduated UBC. I pushed my way into the job at the Agency, a dream job at an integrated agency, based on that.

Those chances, those openings, all came together perfectly. I knew, without doubt, that each one was the absolute right decision at the time. I never questioned my decision to move to Los Angeles, and I was right. And in all the interviews I’ve done this year, nothing has felt as right as this opportunity for being the right path to follow.

The question is – it may be the right path, but is the Agency the wrong path? Is the place I’ve worked at for the last year and chance not the place I belong anymore, but rather, someplace to be relegated to a stepping stone? Is the opportunity not going to appear there? Am I jumping ship too soon, leaving too early, abandoning hope for serious opportunity at my current job rather than wait it out?

I have the weekend to think. Cue the Jeopardy theme. It’s not going to be an easy decision to make.

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