happy bastille day!

I went to kickball tonight. It was really fun. The whole point isn’t to win, but to have a good time. And I played in three games of five innings, and had a total blast, despite not making it past first base all night.

I also visited Deena and Kelly a couple times over the course of the evening – before and after the game – to drop off cookies for them and borrow a sweatshirt, because I forgot mine when I left the house today. It’s wonderful having them in the neighborhood, because I really like being able to stop by, chat, catch up. It’s easier and friendlier than the phone.

After the kickball game, I rode my bike up to the bar that the kickball teams were going to. The bar was about two miles away – maybe a little more. I figured it couldn’t hurt; my logic on biking these days is that gas is expensive, but my body always has a surplus of fuel to burn. And I sat down and chatted for a bit, and then left again.

And it was just a night, an evening, but I had so much fun, and there were so many friendly people, and I’m just so happy because of it. I had a great time playing a wacky sport, I had time to catch up with some of my favorite girls in L.A., and I have a whole weekend of fantastic plans ahead of me.

Things are good right now. I can’t express that enough.

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