a couple quick quotes

ME: I love this Futurama episode. It has penguins. Who doesn’t like penguins?
GUY ROOMATE: Terrorists. Terrorists hate penguins.

L.A. Times Article on Local Kickball:

I am saddened that I can’t make the next two Zocalola events downtown. On the 19th, there’s a Venice Historical Society lecture on local history that I will end up at rather than slog through traffic for an evening with Wonkette, and on the 26th, I’m going to see a BPM magazine VHS OR BETA show in Hollywood rather than get to the lecture on “Is California Governable?” (although I might try to do both)

See, this is what I mean about L.A. having too much to do. If there was two or three of me, I MIGHT get to everything in this city that is important to me.

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