how to clog arteries in three easy steps

IHOP commercial this AM for the new “funnel cake breakfast.”

“Funnel cakes” are a food I didn’t realize existed before Texas. They’re basically sugary batter squirted into a vat of hot oil. So they have more fat content than doughnuts due to larger surface area.

IHOP is serving them with sugary fruit toppings, whipped cream, and an entire plate of breakfast meats and eggs on the side.

Between that and the new Pizza Hut 3-cheese stuffed crust pizza, where did these become acceptable meal choices? When did this country decide that it was socially acceptable to serve these foods as everyday options, rather than as the death-wish gluttony they are?

4 responses to “how to clog arteries in three easy steps

  1. Amen to that. I’m amazed at how people can eat such incredibly awful-for-you stuff like that — and on a regular basis!

    I believe my comment was “Fat? Check! Sugar? Check! More fat? Check! Sweet lord, my arteries! HUAGAHUAHAGAHAGAHH”

  2. I love Funnel cakes, but not regularly. They are for special occasions.

  3. Yeah, but the whole thing as a breakfast choice just seemed extreme.

  4. Yeah. I see it as a dessert, not a breakfast.

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