what i did this weekend

I photoblogged the whole weekend, to start with, but will put that up tomorrow on my photoblog page.

What else did I do this weekend?

On Friday, I exploited my Canadian heritage at a screening for the Camping Makeover show. That was followed by a lot of baking, which produced two plum tortes. Then I went to Critical Mass and had a fantastic time, and squealed about having found my Lost Tribe. And I rounded out Friday with a girls’ night at Carolina’s in Marina del Rey, with six of my favorite ladies, which ended at Hinanao’s, the dive bar with sawdust on the floor in Venice Beach.

Saturday, I woke up terribly hung over, and decided to walk it off by walking from my house back down to Venice. Which I did. And I bounced most of the way to Ferry Corsten. Then I walked through the canals, which is where I ran across a crew of middle-aged canal residents setting up a hippie themed fundraiser party for the Venice Canal’s Resident’s Association. I took photos of their decorations, and they invited me to come back that evening. Which I didn’t have time to do after all.

I kept going, down to Venice Beach Boardwalk, to the lunacy of Harry Perry and his guitar, and ended up talking amicably with pro-life activists who had horrible photos of broken fetuses. Yet I cannot change their views, so I kept it to discussion, and left to dance along the boardwalk to the guy playing the reggae version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider and selling Reggae for Children. Then, I returned to the binoculars, collected my bike, and went home.

Once home, I took my car and went to the downtown library, which is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. I brought home a foot tall stack of books, most of which have to do with my history research. Then I went to Chinatown to find dinner, and ended up eating a particularly good bowl of pho in a new Vietnamese restaurant on Broadway, down by Chavez Ravine.

I came home in time to go to a Los Angeles People Connection event, a neighborhood blender drinks night, where twenty women were playing “I Never” with paper cups of fruity drinks. I made new friends, one of whom lives six blocks from me. Then I returned to my girls, but instead of going to Bar Sinister as planned, we stayed in and watched L.A. Confidential.

Sunday, I made banners over at Code Pink, and then came home to crash out and read for a few hours. I got a few chapters further into White Flight and Popular Culture in Los Angeles, but was late to pick up my friends to go to a BBQ in Encino. I wasn’t in the right head space anywhere, so I left early to go get an iced blended and go home. I meant to study, but ended up seeing War of the Worlds and then having nightmares all night. Like, the kind where you wake up and think your wine-velvet bedspread is really a blown-open human leg.

But I did get to see the trailer for the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which makes it look very Lord of the Rings-y, with the sweeping camera scenery shots and battles and what not. And it occurred to me that Depeche Mode used the War of the Worlds image of the invading plantlife last year in the video for Enjoy the Silence (Reinterpreted), in which flowers take over an office, killing all workers left inside, and then blooming.

Today, I slept in and missed the carpool to the CODE PINK action that I made signs for yesterday. Having missed that, I went back to sleep, and then got up and made pancakes when my girl roomate woke up. My guy roomate wandered in just in time for us all to have breakfast as a house, which is nice. I showed them some of the books on our city I have found in the library this week, and they let me ramble about my history project for ten minutes because I fed them. Then I went to Encino again with Wendy, to spend the day with her family. They were the nicest people I have ever met, with a gorgeous house, and adorable, lovable, French bulldog that made “snarfle snarfle” noises for hours.

I came home, talked with my girl roomate for an hour in the kitchen, which means I have yet to start cleaning my room because by then, Futurama was on. Which I have to do now, or else I won’t have workout clothes to take to tomorrow’s Pilates class.

3 responses to “what i did this weekend

  1. Wow…sounds like you had a busy yet fun weekend! 🙂

  2. I had bad dreams about War of the Worlds too. I was hiding from them in an unfinished basement and it was pretty fucking scary. And there wasn’t a Tom Cruise to carry me around.

  3. I totally expected to look out my window when I woke up at 4am and see that post-apocalyptic scene that they show after the basement bit. Ugh. I am NEVER SEEING ANYTHING LIKE THAT ALONE AGAIN.

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