everything counts in large amounts

I spent most of today with my headphones on and the entire Depeche Mode catalogue (including all six singles box sets, AND the Remixes 81 >04 CD, plus all the major albums, Catching Up and 101) on “shuffle” on Rhapsody.

This was for a few reasons:

1. We have an intern who has been temporarily parked in what’s called the Media Bullpen. She’s from the Agency Offline side. Very nice girl. Spends at least half the day on the phone with her mom, or her boyfriend, or a friend or two. It’s distracting. Plus, because she’s a nice girl, people keep visiting her. Hence, the headphones.

2. I was running reports, and when I run reports, I like to blast the angst-ridden music. I hate doing reports. It’s a tedious process that involves downloading raw data from the server, pivot-tabling it in Excel, and then cut/pasting it into templates. Zero brainwork, but full attention is necessary to ensure that everything is correct. Hence, I tend to run darker music when running reports, whereas I will run trance and house and electroclash and nouveau alternative for everything else.

3. I’ve been a bit angst ridden today, due to a series of outside factors in my social life here and the sheer fact that it was a Tuesday after a four-day weekend. And for some reason, Depeche Mode calms me down. I think it’s because, as opposed to the outright anger of Nine Inch Nails, they have beautifully crafted music that expresses sadness and cynicism without nothing more than chords and lyrics. There is no real emotional expression in Dave Gahan’s voice, but you know he means every word he sings. And their fascination with the American West evokes a lot of the calm I would get from driving across America on my own (Depeche Mode not only did a cover version of Route 66 but they also shot the video for Dream On on old 66 as well)

4. Sometimes, when I’m just really disillusioned with capitalism, there is nothing like listening to Everything Counts (the live version, of course) several times. That, and Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like A Hole are, for me, the perfect antithesis to the selfish, materialistic culture that runs the city I live in.

And now, I’m off to go finish baking the double batch of low fat-and-sugar (applesauce for part of the butter, Spenda blend instead of pure sugar, e-mail me at jillian (dot) tate (at) g mail dot com for the recipe) chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I’m baking, because I have to have something to take to the Code Pink meeting on Thursday, and I don’t expect to get home from my kickball board meeting in time tomorrow to bake. That, and I just realized – I’m missing Futurama. Curses!

4 responses to “everything counts in large amounts

  1. then you will love this.
    http://www.side-line.com/index.php?id=1 if it doesn’t come up then just go to http://www.side-line.com and click on previous day until it does come up. It is news about the new album.

  2. They will be touring at the end of this year. Los Angeles and San Diego are part of the schedule.

  3. they finally got the North American tour dates up? woohoo! thanks!

  4. they don’t have the exact dates yet. I think LA will be around early Dec. I can’t wait!!!!

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