coming soon :: some semblance of organization

Reading back over the past month, I’m realizing that this journal has started to take two related forms. It’s either a place for me to write long rambling entries about the history & sociology of the city I live in, or it’s commentary about my life in general.

Lately, it’s been the former, so I’m realizing I’m probably boring most of you to tears. Where’s the gossip, you say? Where’s the partying? There is no longer a Sex & the City influence on this journal!

So I’m going to split my web projects down into a couple of basic elements. Personal life will stay here and over on, which syndicates this LJ feed (as does my Friendster profile). But I’m going to start taking all the Los Angeles commentary elsewhere. Part of this is because I need to focus my work in that area, and I feel it’s diluted by being posted in the context of my personal journal. More of it is because I want to get into the L.A. blogging community, and having a devoted Los Angeles related blog, with some semblance of focus on a) neighborhood and b) history structure will likely help with that.

Really, most of it is because I realize I’m probably boring all of you to tears.

So yes. More gossip, less education, and I’ll keep the L.A. related stuff here down to more social life, as opposed to social commentary.

Oh, and I’m also photoblogging the WHOLE DAMN WEEKEND to be uploaded on Monday. Yay, long weekend!

One response to “coming soon :: some semblance of organization

  1. Howdy! I just wanted to say that you’re not boring me to tears *at all*, so if you could please let me know where I can see your posts about LA, that would be faboo. Also, I don’t remember if I told you, but I found your profile on Friendster and added you.

    I, for one, think it would be way cool if you joined the LA Blogging community. I read that daily and love it. You’ve really put such an interesting face on a city I’ve never been to, and partially because of you, I can’t wait til I see it for myself. (October! Yay!)

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