two more really cool local things

one :: critical mass
I just went on a Critical Mass ride:

A hundred and change cyclists of all types, going all around Santa Monica and Venice, blocking traffic and calling attention to exactly the sort of bike-based philosophy I espouse so strongly.

They do something called “Night Ridaz”, too – a midnight ride once a month through the alt-neighborhoods (Echo Park, Silverlake) out by downtown. Obviously, I must get in on these, since they are, quote, “rolling cocktail parties”. I think I have found my lost tribe of bike punks.

two :: heavy trash

As soon as I read about these guys, I wanted to join:

If anyone can combine my lifelong love of pranks and stunts with my love of social activism and urban planning, then I obviously need to get in on it.

Regardless, their current project – drawing attention to gated communities – seems very apt right now. Jared Diamond devotes several mentions in Collapse to gated communities, and likens the inhabitants of such in L.A. to the tribal leaders or the Church figures who demanded a misuse of resources in societies which have collapsed. Maybe more people will make that connection between the attention Heavy Trash are drawing to the gated communities, and the points about the same gated communities Diamond makes in the book.

One response to “two more really cool local things

  1. critical mass rocks my bicycle socks

    hey jillian!

    i just went to vancouver’s bike month critical mass for the first time, and i was blown away as well… about 1,200 cyclists! burrard bridge, granville bridge, and lions gate bridge — we rode them all.



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