happy canada day, y’all

To celebrate this year, I exploited my Canadian heritage in a screen test for a makeover show. USA Networks is doing a “camping makeover” show, and need people who love to camp – but whose friends are not so into it.

I am, after all, the Little Canadian Girl Who Taught Los Angeles How To Camp. Literally. I’m the only one of my posse with a complete set of gear – and the experience to back it. I turned up the color and contrast on my tale of last fall’s camping trip, and the casting director loved it. So I spoke into a camera for a few minutes, a monologue about who I was and what I did, and now, I wait.

I’ll find out in ten days if I get it or not. If I do, then they’ll take me and a couple friends up to a campsite for a day, transform it from a utility survival site into “camping for yuppies”. They’ll make being in the outdoors a resort-style experience. How? I have no idea. Let’s hope they get good corporate sponsorship though, so I can scam some new gear out of this.

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