traffic in america this weekend

Well. I am not going anywhere because I have a reality TV screening (which I’ll totally explain when I get it, because then it will be called for) tomorrow, but I’m glad. Because otherwise, I might get caught in that bottleneck “somewhere west of Portland”

I’ve driven that road. I drove it at sunset a year and change ago. It was a secondary growth forest, dripping with honey-colored sunshine, at 8pm on a very long Sunday. Somewhere in between the sleep deprivation, the trance I was blasting, and the quality of the light on the millions of trees, it was just a perfectly happy moment. I hate thinking of it jammed with a roadblock of vacationing cars.

And speaking of things that destroy us all:

    Co-chairman of the International Climate Change Taskforce, Mr Byers appealed to Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George Bush in advance of next week’s gathering at Gleneagles, to heed the warnings of dire consequences for the planet and in particular Africa and other developing countries, if not enough is done to curb greenhouse gases.

    “That is why I think at the G8 next week, that Tony Blair can give political leadership, that George Bush will recognise the responsibility of the United States and that we can then move constructively and positively to take practical steps to tackle climate change and global warming.”

Uh-huh. And leprechauns will fly out of Dick Cheney’s ass!


I’m off to spinning.

I so can’t wait for the end of suburbia. (

One response to “traffic in america this weekend

  1. D-lightful, i’m driving through portland tomorrow.
    luckily we’re heading a bit south and then east so it might not be quite AS bad. or ASS bad. your choice.

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