best. celebrity. sighting. ever.

Tonight. James’ Beach in Venice. I’m out with vendors. Adam Sandler is having dinner across the room.

There are very few celebrities I respect enough to go up and talk to, but I waited until he was standing around outside, and then I HAD to say…”thank you for making being Jewish cool.”

He laughed. I made Adam Sandler laugh – or, at least, chuckle.

Anyways. That’s definitely the best Los Angeles celebrity sighting so far. Better even than Viggo Mortensen at a Rite Aid in Venice a year ago.

My sister will just die when she hears this.

But seriously, celebrities are part of the background here. I mean, there was Industry in Vancouver, but it was a quaint outpost of Hollywood. L.A. is the real thing. Ben Affleck shops at my Whole Foods; WB stars live in Venice, guy movie stars work out at my gym. You zone it out. I try to forget, that I am living in the epicenter of something as absolutely worthless and idiotic as American pop culture.

Still? Adam Sandler was really nice. THAT was cool. Adam Sandler and the Beastie Boys have done more for being Jewish than any other popular culture figures. And MY juvenile sense of humour thinks that “Happy Gilmore” and “Mr Deeds” were absolfuckinglutely hilarious. I didn’t say that, just introduced myself, said my line, walked off to let the man alone – but still, it was weird, having a voice I’ve heard so much, in movies and the Hanukkah song and countless SNL sketches saying, “what’s up, Jillian?”

Rare occasion when I’ll get psyched over a celeb. Then again – I didn’t come here for Hollywood. I came here to work. Los Angeles is just an American city to me, not the source of all things famous, and this episode is definitely one of the things that reminds me – to some people, this is the end all.

PS. He’s shorter in person. My height – 5’10. I always expected him to be over 6 foot.

7 responses to “best. celebrity. sighting. ever.

  1. both jewish,

    You should talk to author Jerry Stahl at one of his many local book signings or at a book fair. I sold video gear to him (with designer Monah Li) b4 knowing who he was, and in 4yrs. of sales, he was the absolutely coolest, most respectful and super-fair person I’ve dealt with.

    And if you count dead guys, there’s supercomic Lenny Bruce.

  2. OMG!!!!!!!! NOW I envy you living in LA! “Happy Gilmore” is my favorite Adam Sandler movie. And way cool line you gave him! LOL

  3. Hahahaa…that is cute.

    I think my only celeb sighting in LA remains Weird Al Yankovich, standing in front of me at a show at the El Rey. But I’m sure I’d have more sightings if I actually lived there!

  4. I’m so clueless, people have to point them out to me half the time. Except Pam Anderson last year. She was pretty obvious 😉

  5. Re: both jewish,

    Ha. What has Jerry Stahl written? I have no idea who he is either 😉

  6. Re: both jewish,

    He writes for CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, for Details magazine, and occassionally for the L.A. Weekly. Also for the tv shows Moonlighting, Alf (remember him?),Twin Peaks, and Thirtysomething.

    His memoir,
    –“Permanent Midnight” (book is 10x better than the movie, tho’ that’s entertaining also). The best intro to his writing style;
    –“Perv: A Love Story,” fictional sorta-autobio. account of a boy and girl going thru puberty. A fave of mine;
    –“I, Fatty,” a fictional account of real-life Fatty Arbuckle and the dirt and insanity of Hollywood;
    –“Plainclothes Naked,” story of blackmailing Bush with pics of his privates.

    If you can find a (published) letter to the L.A. Times editor directed at James Hahn the 1st time he beat Villaraigosa (‘o1) by insinuating race into the…race, you may find that interesting too.

  7. I adore Adam Sandler….I am so jealous!!!!
    Was he as cute in person as he is on his movies?

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