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The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe trailer is up for download.

Since there are no more Lord of the Rings movies to come out, this is all I, as a nerd, have to look forward to.

I know the rest of the world is all into the Harry Potter crap, but I’ve never been that interested in it. Cute books, but not exactly Newberry Award winning – and certainly without the vision of a Narnia – or even an Earthsea. This is the kiddie movie I’m psyched about. And these are the stories that, despite being Christian allegories, hold more meaning for me than any other of the books that I read growing up on the Island.

Six months to Narnia!

3 responses to “more nerd fantasia

  1. i used to hate the lion, the witch and the wardrobe when i was little, but i’ve always loved the story (just not particularly how it’s written). it’ll be very interesting to see how they write it as a movie..

  2. Sorry sweetie, but while I share the love for the Narnia books, my movie that has me holding my breath is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I saw the trailer for that last week and I was just so excited about it. As a child, Dahl’s books were my favourites, and I’m glad that the movie-making industry usually makes decent adaptations of his books. But really, Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka? I’m SO there.

  3. ok, ok, ok, I forgot how psyched I am for that too. But I always loved the Dahl books. I read everything I could get of his as a kid. Like Fantastic Mr. Fox. Or The BFG. But Narnia’s got a special significance for me because of the spiritual messages underlying it, so as fantasy worlds go, that’s the one I want to see brought to life.

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