bring it

One year ago today, I wrote my first entry in Los Angeles.

Today is my one year at the Agency, in the House, in my life. Today is the official start date of Year Two. Today I can say, yes, I accomplished the goals I had when I came here. I wanted to learn the city the way I knew and understood Vancouver or Seattle, and I did that. And I wanted to make new friends, and I did that too. And I’m still at the Agency, still at my job, and doing better at that every day.

Today, I set new goals, new challenges, and come up with new things to do. Like, I want to bike down the L.A. river, along the cement canal, from north to south. I want to explore the city beyond the middle-class zones (beach cities – marina del rey – venice – santa monica – pacific palisades – brentwood – westwood – beverly hills – west hollywood – hollywood – los feliz)

The first year is always the hardest, and I still made it through.
Los Angeles can bring it, and I will take every challenge the city throws at me with joy.

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