So Google rolled out Google Personalized today.

I immediately jumped on it, because I buy into everything Google does. Ever since the day that the Google reps came by and told us about all the wonderful things they do up in Mountain View beyond search, I’ve been a total addict. Need a flight time? Punch the info (ie. “alaska air 491”) into Google. Need an answer? They have that. Froogle? Hell yeah. And of course, Google groups – the Usenet graveyard – where apparently, a search for me yields about twenty all lower case posts from from about 1995.

But here’s what got me about Google Personalized. The choices they offer to add to your page include weather, Gmail summary and news. But the news comes from Wired, Slashdot, the New York Times and the BBC. Basically, all the sources that left wing geeks like me get it from already.

The question is – is there such a huge population of left-wing geeks that Google chooses to pull from as many tech sources as they do unbiased (or, as the right wing calls it, “liberal”) media sources? Or is Google just trying to hit their target market, and saying “screw you” to those people who are used to getting their “AMERICA’S NUMBER ONE!” perspective from FOX? Is Google ever going to roll in the horoscopes and “entertainment” sections that other portals do?

I hope not, at least.

And speaking of being a left wing geek, does the last Star Wars movie mean the end of geek dominated media? Wil Wheaton says no, and seems to subscribe to a theory that getting the Big Nerd Franchises out of the way clears the path for new growth. Unfortunately, to me, that’s along the lines of saying that killing brain cells with liquor stimulates new ones. Without a centralized franchise or two that demonstrates the financial return derived from geek media (like Star Wars or LoTR or X-Files or Star Trek or H2G2 or what have you), the trend might die out. Having too many new franchises spring up without huge followings might mean that the dollars invested in geek TV or movies will not garner as much return as those released in the early 00s, and the studios and corporations will stop investing in marketing the movies to the laypeople. That, in turn, will bring down attendance/profit, and then “the geek trend” will gradually become a cool memory. Sort of like how I look fondly back on the GenXer movies of the mid-90s, which, after a few years, died out so throughly that even microserfs wasn’t ever made.

And on THAT note, I have filth and vice to spread throughout the Internet now. I’ll be off peddling sleaze for the rest of the afternoon.

One response to “googlefied

  1. OT but..

    ..curious if you made the VNV Nation concert/s?
    ~~ samakauninesix

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