quote du jour

From a CNN article about the anti-monorail movement in Seattle:
“If you were to ask 10 people smarter than a bear in Seattle to name Seattle’s top-10 transportation priorities, if anyone suggested building a monorail they would be committed as a lunatic,” said Henry Aronson, one of a group of Seattle residents suing to block the tax.”

That implies that there’s enough people who are NOT smarter than a bear in Seattle that it might be a challenge to find them.

Then again…we are talking about a city where the bears are very smart. Last summer, there was a drunken one that chose Rainier over Budweiser. So if we use that as a criteria for intelligence, then a great majority of the population of Seattle is smarter than a bear, in that they would choose Rainier over Bud if nothing else was available.

I suppose the real question is – if they asked people who were NOT smarter than a bear, would their answer include the phrase, “pic-a-nic basket”?

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