crash into me

Saw “Crash” tonight with nafspeak

Wow, that was awesome.

Especially the part where Ludacris is ranting about the big windows on the bus, because that bus stop is around the corner from my house. My adopted cousin and I recognized it as Venice Blvd.

nafspeak says that the tension is pertinent for any big city. Now that I think about it, I agree – but isn’t that the thing about L.A.? It’s supposed to be a metaphor for all of America, in ways, because this is where so much of America’s media (TV, music, movies) comes from.

I just finished reading “Another City: Writing From Los Angeles”, a collection of short stories and poems from L.A. authors and writers. There were so many different perspectives, observations, lives. And this is what “Crash” was about, as well – perspectives in Los Angeles, in particular. It fascinates me, to see how different the views of the city and its citizens are depending on who one is.

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