head explody!

I caught a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac reference on tonight’s Simpsons episode!

When the Rapture came, and Homer went to heaven, the angel guide told Homer that he could have wish for anything, and it would happen.

Homer thinks for a moment, and the angel’s head explodes!

That’s exactly what Nny did when he became the Suicidal Maniac, shot his head off, and went to heaven. He made heads explode, because in heaven, everyone has head explody powers!

Consensus is that the similarity is too great to be a coincidence, and someone down at FOX is a Jhonen Vasquez fan.

And then there was a You Can’t Do That On Television reference on Family Guy, which leads me to believe there might be Canadians down there in Culver City, chained to the walls, writing for the show on ill-gotten visas.

Here are some examples of JtHM comics (under Comics/Manga), on a fan’s page. That should sort of explain it. As much as I can.

I spent a good chunk of today on the beach, gossiping with D and working on re-coloring my legs. First beach Saturday of the season. If I get that damn San Francisco job – and I might yet – I will be upset to miss summer, to miss weekend after weekend on the beach with my girls.

Other than that, I did absolutely nothing today. I’d planned to go to Olvera Street for Cinco de Mayo festivities, a sort of cultural education thing, but was just too tired. I traipsed around Santa Monica yesterday for three hours in heels, after all, on a suspiciously fun first date, and then danced for two hours at Moby last night.

(And when I have dates that go as well as yesterday’s did, the guy in question almost always disappears.)

So that’s it. Reading, some napping, and a lot of slack off time. Recharging. Never a bad idea.

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