ATTENTION California residents – help save Lincoln Place

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Two of my good friends live in an apartment complex called Lincoln Place. It’s just over the Venice border from my home in Mar Vista. It’s a “park like community” – older apartment buildings with more green space, trees, flowers and plants than I’ve ever seen in any other apartment complex. It’s what an apartment community SHOULD be, with its beautiful gardens and friendly neighbors. They have a real sense of community there, possibly because the setting is so nice, how could one be anything but friendly?

Now, the BIG EVIL CORPORATION that owns it is, unconscionably, evicting all the residents. The residents have fought, despite attempted bribery. They were all offered $18,000 to leave, and many of them chose to stay. That’s how much these people love their home – it isn’t just an apartment that they can replace, it’s a home, a village…and that’s rare enough in Los Angeles in 2005.

The consequences to individuals goes beyond that though. Many of the residents are older people with nowhere else to go. Some are families. Most depend on the rent control to keep their standard of living. Many will have to leave Venice entirely if they are evicted, and both physically and psychologically, for the old and the young, this is one of the healthiest places to live in the megalopolis.

One of the tactics that they have adopted is to lobby to get Lincoln Place on the list of National Historic Places. It would definitely delay the demolition. Below is the information on how YOU can help save a unique community, by cutting, pasting and sending a quick e-mail. And if you’re reading this, and live in the L.A. area, you can also come by on Sunday for the Party To Save Lincoln Place (Lincoln and Lake, Venice)

Dear Neighbor:

AIMCO is trying to get postponement of the May 12 hearing on the
nomination of Lincoln Place to the California Register of Historic

Below is a suggested letter for you to either cut and paste, or modify
as you see fit. What is important is that you do this today.

Send an email to:
Wayne Donaldson, California Historic Preservation Officer, at

and then call him at (916)653-6624.

Please distribute this email to your neighbors who don’t have email, so
that they can make calls.

As we have learned, the only way to counteract AIMCO’s pressure on
our public institutions is for the public to exert pressure of our

Thanks for your help on this urgent matter.

Suggested letter:

“Dear Mr. Donaldson,

It was my understanding the application for California Register
designation for Lincoln Place Apartments was scheduled for the May 12
meeting of the State Historical Resources Commission. I have now
learned your office is considering removing this from the agenda due
to procedural deficiencies alleged by the owner’s lobbyists and
attorneys. I am writing you to urge you to keep this matter on the May
12 agenda.

It is my understanding the application was prepared in
consultation with your staff, was approved for consideration, and
scheduled for a hearing. A hearing on the merits was originally
scheduled for February, and your office
postponed consideration of Lincoln Place at that time due to the
demands of the owner’s representatives. To consider doing so again is
a shameful miscarriage of justice and dereliction of the duties of an
office charged with the preservation (not destruction) of the State’s
historic resources. A hearing on the merits is way overdue for this
wonderful and important garden apartment.

I urge you to let the Commission consider the nomination of Lincoln Place.”

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