who in the what now?

I am horribly behind in LJ and blogs in general. I’m sorry, y’all. I haven’t had time or inclination to post because I’ve been all caught up in Work. Despite having hit some difficult times lately, the Agency is still keeping me on the hop, and I’ve found myself doubleteaming on the porn client. Bad jokes ensued.

(I’m well aware that I’m now working in gambling & porn again. I have been reminded, “isn’t that why you left Vancouver?” by a whole slew of my Vancouver-based friends. Don’t worry, kids – this is temporary. I’ll be out of the iniquity long before anything happens like a microwave being replaced with a breadbox.)

I also haven’t been reading my friends list much. This is because I haven’t been online at home much. See, my laptop is terrible and doesn’t hold signal for the wireless network in our house. So until I get a new Dell on my corporate employee discount, I’ve just lost patience. It’s a waste of my time.

This has also resulted in me falling behind in my MySpace inbox. I get random e-mails all the time from guys who fall for that deceptively cute, tan photo I have in my profile. And then there’s the random ones I get from the creeps who are cutting & pasting the same e-mail to every pretty girl on the site:

    from: Bob
    to: jillian
    subject: no subject

    nice profile. i’m a tall, dark, handsome, sexy, very successful italian businessman with a generous heart. i love to travel to exotic places, ride my harley and give great massages.i would love to hear from you. take a chance, i promise to make you laugh. thanks, bob 310-XXX-2902

Well. That sounds promising. Let’s see what else Bob has to say about himself!

    About me:
    I’m a tall, dark, handsome, sexy, humorous sexy guy with a great personality. i love to travel, especially weekend getaways. my family and friends are very dear to me.
    Who I’d like to meet:
    i would like to meet a beautiful, caring, loving lady with a heart of gold.

Wow. Doesn’t that sound great! Of course, Bob is 38, and has posted a blurry photo, but hey – he says he’s a sexy, successful businessman, right? How could I go wrong!

It’s almost as bad as the guys on Lavalife who pick names like “RICHGUYOC2” and “HOTSURFERBOYLA” and “SUCCESSGUY310”. Dude. Please. Seriously. NO! Who falls for these guys, still, in 2005, and do their e-mail addresses end in “@ aol.com”?

Anyways. So. I’m at work now, writing this before I go to spinning class. Then I’m going to go home and watch the OC. THEN I’m going to get some sleep. Woo! Hot Thursday night in Los Angeles!

Oh, and also…27 hours until I, and my nerd posse, go to see H2G2. Oh yes. Yes indeed, it will be seen. And someday, someday soon, I will resume my LJ monitoring on a shiny new Dell laptop, and resume my incessant self-indulgent bloggery, and all will be well in the world.

One response to “who in the what now?

  1. lol online dating is fun, not that myspace is really an online dating spot but you’d swear some people think it is

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