UBC has seen the last of us!

My little sister moved home from Gage today because she is finished exams.

UBC has now seen the last of my family. They have given B.A.’s to me, my older half sister, and my little sister in the last ten years. My parents should write them a thank you note.

Campus can breathe easy again – the last of the Tate girls are out.

(I am, by the way, very proud & happy for my sister, who is convocating with honors in a few weeks. She worked much harder than I ever did, and it has paid off for her. I will be there to scream and cheer at her grad, just like she was at mine.)

4 responses to “UBC has seen the last of us!

  1. Yeah, but Jill?


  2. Now now. Save THAT for when I’m home in May and we have to share a house again 😉

  3. I loved UBC’s campus when I was out for a visit, I would have liked to go that but bleh money… plus out of the universities I was accepted to I would have went to York… but I had money for none of them so I went to none :\ I might get to go to U of S in the fall tho, yey 😀

  4. Are they naming a wing of the school in yourses honor?

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