you know a band is good…

…when you wake up the day after the show with their songs stuck in your head.

I went to Bar Sinister last night to see Shiny Toy Guns. It’s rare that I find a new band I like that I can’t fit into a category, or describe without using references to other bands. Despite all looking about eighteen though, the kids in STG had actually come up with a fairly unique sound – something that went all over the board from New Order to emo. And they did one of the best covers of Depeche Mode’s “Stripped” that I’ve ever heard. If you’re going to cover Depeche Mode and perform it at a goth club, you’d better have it down right.

I also spent a good chunk of the driving yesterday listening to Vagenius, who are a local band that are now one of my favorites. It’s kind of like the Postal Service, fronted by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as done by a Commodore 64. It’s still a unique sound, and I quite like the CD, and for those of you into that sort of thing, it’s $11 well spent to support indie music. And for those of you local – they’re also resident at Spaceland next month.

As for now though, I’m ripping one of my other favorite local bands’ new CDs to my MP3 player to take to the gym. The new Crystal Method Community Service compilation is better than the first, and they’re local enough to L.A. to do a weekly radio show on the Indie station. I figure that and a Depeche Mode remix CD, and I’ll have enough to keep me going for a few miles along the beach bike route. It’s sunny outside, despite predicted Vancouver-style weather this weekend, and I should probably go outside and play.

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