how the hell do you pronounce it?

I’d like to thank mhalachai for bringing it to my attention that the logo for the 2010 Games in Vancouver is an unpronounceable inukshuk

How the hell do you say, “Illanaaq”?

For that matter, Americans can barely prounouce “fajita”. I seriously doubt they’ll be able to master “inukshuk”, much less “Illanaaq”.

“Illanaaq”. Since when do we even have Inuit in Vancouver? Or is this just a lame attempt to grab hold of some semblance of uniquely Canadian indigeneous culture? I have a maple leaf tattoo – not an Inuit symbol – because it’s not my culture. If anything, I’d pick up a Coast Salish symbol before I’d get anything from the Far North. Why is a symbol of Canada’s much ill-treated native people being used for a Eurocentric gong show event that half the city didn’t even want? (That last part is irrelevant; I was just in the half that knew the Olympics would be a mistake, and I will stand by that for the next five years)

On another Vancouver related note, I left the TV on too long after the OC on Thursday, and suddenly saw people playing soccer by the Burrard Bridge. Turns out “Tru Calling” is shot in Vancouver. I watched it, because I enjoy playing “Spot the Vancouver Landmark”, and because watching things filmed in one of my home cities never fails to amuse me.

Finally, there’s a new commercial running to the L.A. market for Tourism BC. It specifically cites “getting away from stress and traffic” as a reason to visit British Columbia. Now, I will admit, Los Angeles traffic is very frustrating, but I have never had to wait FORTY FIVE MINUTES TO GET ACROSS A BRIDGE in L.A. Saying that “getting away from traffic” is a reason to visit BC is slightly unrealistic, but hey, who’s going to find out until they find themselves on Oak Street in rush hour? (Then again, at least Vancouver has a rush hour…L.A. seems to have rush days)

Oh, and that photo in the header on the BC Tourism Page? Yeah, that’s Oak Bay, the view from the beach not far from where I grew upl. I know the shape of the Straits and the Islands too well not to catch it.

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