all porn’d out for the day

Recently, the Agency took on a new client. A video on demand client. A video on demand client with an “adult” division. We are, surprisingly, doing the “adult” only right now, and putting together an online media proposal, comprised of e-mail opportunities, web advertising (banners & text links on relevant sites only, not pop-ups) and search engine keyword purchase.

This means that we’re all looking at a lot of porn. And I mean a LOT of porn. Sites like,, and of course, Not to mention the Google of porn – BOOBLE!

The senior media planner came in yesterday, stood in the middle of Camp Media (six of us all sit in the same aisle now) and announced, “I’m going to be looking at a lot of porn. A LOT of porn. So if you ladies are offended…don’t look over my shoulder.”

I, myself, just had to use my computer to show my boss some of the classy sites selected for us by a vendor, including In most workplaces, having your boss ask you to click on XXX-rated links is harassment; here, it’s comedy.

I happen to have the sleaziest background of anyone on the team here, so I was asked to “help out”. I was asked to start pulling in gambling contacts and ask if they would take adult. The sad thing? I was able to go one better than that. I actually had all the contact info for still from my LAST job.

I’m kind of porned out right now. As I just told my boss, “if I have to see ONE MORE PENIS, I’ll go blind.” Seriously. There’s only so much of that you can take in one day.

I’m going to go back to my online poker client now. Compared to the porn, it’s suddenly respectable.

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