more new music

I’m kind of wondering why I never listened to the Doves before. This is, indeed, brilliant. I’m not a Coldplay fan, so I’m surprised to be genuinely enjoying this. I also enjoyed the new Kasabian CD, so perhaps my taste for Brit Pop is regenerating.

6 responses to “more new music

  1. there’s no “the”. I swear, they’re doing it to be difficult.

    have you heard (of) the futureheads? they’re very british and post-punk; you might like them. also bloc party, who are british and post-punk but in a different manner entirely.

  2. If you got “Some Cities” dont go back, “Some Cities” is the best album to date by that band.

    If your REALLY digging it, drop me a line, I have some limited edition UK only stuff around it (Vinyl, DVD/CD box sets, beanies, etc)

  3. You, of course, are already well versed in the works of Death Cab For Cutie, Manitoba, Modest Mouse and Mogwai..?

  4. Actually, I’ve never liked DCFC or Modest Mouse. I’ve just never been able to get into the whole emo thing since Sunny Day Real Estate were big. I am, however, totally getting into some of the new rock bands, mostly the ones with historical names like British Sea Power.

  5. Yes, I have heard of the Futureheads and have it in my “to listen to” list on Rhapsody, and I also streamed in the Bloc Party CD two days ago. I’m afraid I didn’t like it enough to remember it – kind of like LCD Soundsystem, which was a disappointment because the single was so catchy.

    Oh, but the Kaiser Chiefs CD was very very good, in a modern day Morrissey way.

  6. If you like Some Cities you should definitely listen to their earlier work. I have a feeling you would enjoy it since you seem to be hip to the Electronica genre. Their previous work is more experimental and Some Cities is a bit safer and more radio friendly. Also I would recommend Sigur Ros not Brit Pop but definitely awesome from there I would recommend a more deep band “Dead Can Dance” and now I have trully send you down a travelling road.

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