the curse of the dvd

You know, I never bought VHS videos. I have too short an attention span for movies. I prefer books. But since TV shows started coming out on DVD, now I’m hooked. NOW it’s far too easy to watch an entire season of, say, The O.C. at once.

And now the Harvey Birdman DVD is out.

Dammit. has already taken too much money from me today. Having received the CDs I bought last week (all local bands: Vagenius, the Dollyrots and Solarcade), I ordered more (new Garbage, United State of Electronica and the new VNV Nation). I do not need the Harvey Birdman and Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVDs.

I just want them really badly.

Actually, I’m a bit plowed under with media right now. I’ve recently discovered Rhapsody cache of Recent Hipster Music. Now, I will not sound like an idiot at hipster L.A. parties, because I will be able to discuss all these new bands with historical names (British Sea Power, Louis XIV, Franz Ferdinand, et al) Oh well. I figure Rhapsody saves me from buying new CDs that I’ll listen to twice and never again (how many times can you really play The Bravery when you already wore out the Killers?) More cash to spend on stupid cartoon DVDs.

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