today in music history

Today was the day in 1994 that Kurt Cobain shot himself. It is also probably the day – or therabouts – that Layne Stayley of Alice in Chains died of an overdose in 2002. (It’s hard to date a corpse beyond “about three weeks”)

So in memorial, I am creating a playlist on Rhapsody that I have, out of kitch rather than accuracy, labeled as “Grunge”. I dredged out some Screaming Trees, older Soundgarden, Hole, Mother Love Bone, and of course, Nirvana and Alice in Chains I forget, every so often, how good AiC really were. Jar of Flies was one of my favorite EPs as a teenager. I loved Dirt. Listening to it now, it’s still better than most of what I’ve heard in the last ten years since the final CD (the three legged dog one) was released in late 1995.

(I was in Seattle the night Tripod came out on 10/5/95, driving around with ND, blasting “Grind”. I remember that.)

In 2005, who even remembers this stuff? Even the “I Love The Nineties” specials don’t tell that much about grunge. Who remembers half the bands of the mid-90s? Who remembers that there were a lot of really good alt-rock bands with girl lead singers? I’m seeing Garbage next Sunday, but is that the only surviving one? I mean, what happened to stuff like L7 or Belly or even Veruca Salt?

I miss the mid 90s, when Clinton was in power, and girls kicked ass and various bands were still making new albums.

But yes. Today in music history, a lot of talent went away for good, without hope that it could get itself off the smack and kick ass again. Seems to be a bad time of the year for Seattle’s music scene.

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