why am i still awake?

I was sort of inspired in New Orleans as to how I wanted to pick out decor for my room. I want my room to remind me of that city, so I’m putting in more wine colored velvet and picking out overly baroque accents. I’d fill my room with plants and half-melted candles if I wasn’t the sort of girl to a) forget to water the plants and b) burn down the house.

I’m redoing my room this week, but I’ll have to get to that later. I was just getting into cleaning, too, when I was interrupted mid-project to go to Brennan’s, five minutes away on the Marina del Rey border. I was supposed to meet a slew of friends there, and even though I wanted to stay home and clean (it’s rare I actually clean at all), my presence was expected, and who was I to disappoint?

Brennan’s is home of turtle racing. It’s one of the first places I went in L.A., the Thursday after I got into town. Everyone gets drunk, acts like an idiot, and cheers on these poor turtles who exist solely to dash for freedom in these races. I have never seen turtles SCUTTLE before. They must be desperate.

Unfortunately, I’m not drinking right now. I’m challenging myself to not drink for forty days, while I’m on this pesky diet, because I want my liver to metabolize fat, not deal with alcohol. And I need to prove that I can be social in Los Angeles when everyone else around me is doing $2 kamikaze shots. I have an impression that this detracted from my wittiness though – D and I were talking to a couple ridiculously good looking, interesting guys and I probably would have been less nervous with alcohol. I suppose that’s part of the challenge though, to get past that on club soda & lime, without the vodka in it.

Regardless, it was good to see the gang. It was NOT good to get pulled over for doing a U-turn in an illicit fashion in the middle of Lincoln because I thought I spotted a parking space. I have no idea what that will cost me, but the teasing will be priceless.

Tomorrow is Friday! The jentwo is visiting this weekend! Having someone coming in to stay in my room kind of inspired me to clean it up a bit…

This morning, I was greeted with a sale notice at an expensive shopping site. I immediately dropped $30 on a couple rose-shaped wall sconces and a magazine rack. I have no need for sconces, but these are really pretty

Inspired by this, I decided to stop by Ross on my way home from an offsite client meeting today. Ooh! Look! Wine velvet curtains that match my bedspread! And a rack-type thing to put all my mail in! And a jewelry/keepsake box! And a lamp shaped like a purse! And new towels for the bathroom! And a bagette purse in the same silver as the go-go boots I got for my space girl costume at Hallowe’en!

Next thing I know, it’s $100 later.

Then I wandered onto allposters.com and bought a couple medium sized posters of New Orleans. And stopped at Big Lots on the way home to buy an extension cord, but ended up picking up frames and a mirror for my room.

So now I’m just up because I’ve been rearranging my room, putting up the new curtains and re-organizing my desk and things like that. I will live completely ignorant of my surroundings for MONTHS, and then spontaneously go on a re-org/re-decoration spree. I am so oblivious to my room so much of the time, yet I spend too much time in it, attached to this laptop.

Oh, and I put in a shoe rack today. It holds sixteen pairs. It’s full, there’s still shoes on the floor, and I KNOW I have two more pairs at least under my desk in my office, not to mention my favorite pair of black satin heels that I can’t even find right now.

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