SQUEAL! (part two)


Excuse me, I have to go caper around my house now. And bounce. And dance around yelling “I got Nine Inch Nails tickets,” at my guy roomate.

Tickets were $36. I keep wondering if it’s really a time warp, if we’re going to get to the show and Trent Reznor will play nothing but songs off pretty hate machine.

Here’s the post I wrote two days ago on this subject. I just sort of moved the text to this entry and deleted the original because I’m trying to keep down the Total Number Of Posts for the sake of the syndication over at my web site.

For those of you not paying attention, Nine Inch Nails have always, always been my favorite band. I like that Trent Reznor is, as I was, a classically trained musician (who was also forced into marching band). I like the way the music is put together, the samples and squeals, the way the beat is assembled, the layers and layers of sound. The whole “the downward spiral” album, to me, is like one of those Renaissance paintings that involves layers of carefully applied paint to form the texture and light in the work.

And, of course, I had a terrific amount of empathy for Nine Inch Nails lyrics when I was sixteen. I was the fat freak of my well to do public high school, and I had gone through ten years of loneliness in the system, and I was starting to synthesize loneliness into resentment, and resentment into hate. No other artist expressed my hate, my misery, my isolation like Nine Inch Nails did. No other lyrics made that connection between isolation and hate and self-destruction so clearly.

I’m twenty-six now, and I am far from being the girl I was at sixteen. But I still love Nine Inch Nails for making those connections for me, between classical music and gothic industrial, between loneliness and hate. I outgrew the angst, but I never outgrew the CDs.

So. Nine Inch Nails, on March 23rd in Fresno, and March 25th in Davis. I could do Fresno, could leave work a bit early anc come back early the next day and see the jentwo. Or I could go to Davis, take a half-day Friday, drive up, spend the weekend in the Bay Area with whoever else wants to go. Some of my friends have not seen San Francisco yet; others simply have not seen it through my eyes. I don’t think I could get to both shows, but i do miss the City…

But the point is that I will likely get to see Nine Inch Nails in a theater, not a stadium, not a giant field. And to see any artist in a theater setting is wonderful because the band can really connect and feed off the energy of the audience. I saw Nine Inch Nails last at an ampitheater in Dallas, where I was balanced on a seat, dripping sweat and miserable in ninety-degree heat. I couldn’t even really get into the show because the band wasn’t even into it. Stadium shows isolate the artist too much – you lose the energy in the distance between artist and audience.

This just totally made my weekend.

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