local color

I saw the Guy Who Owns Eleven Buildings yesterday. This is one of Venice’s more colorful characters. Because he owns buildings in newly regentrified Venice Beach, he can afford to be as eccentric as he wants. So he has fingernails that I think he’s been growing since the Dogtown era. They are eight to ten inches long, curling, and painted in psychedelic colors. Add to that the various dangling facial piercings and trucker hats, and you have a very unique character indeed. Especially since I estimate him to be pushing sixty. I have seen him drink a martini with those nails. I have NOT seen him use his cell phone, which he always ceremoniously lays on the table, next to the bread basket.

Chaya Venice (and it’s Beverly Hills counterpart) is the sort of place where you’re expected to see celebrities. I usually don’t. I hear rumour that John Cusack was in there a lot last year, but I apparently missed him, which is too bad because I adore him. It’s one of those facets of L.A. culture I’ve kind of zoned out on though – seeing celebrities is not terribly important to me. It’s just something I enjoy reporting on for the amusement of everyone OUTSIDE Los Angeles who expects that sort of update from me.

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