did I mention…

…next trip home dates?


May 24th – 31st, 2005. My sister is graduating UBC on May 25th. With honors! I’m so proud of her! Monica has worked insanely hard in the last few years, and has accomplished so much. As opposed to her slack-off, free-spirit big sister, who took eight years to get through a B.A. I spent my senior year at UBC painting the Cairn and hitting beer gardens. Monica’s spending her senior year coordinating conferences, excelling in her honors classes, and working research jobs in her faculty.

And the grad ceremony is two days before a four day weekend, because I work at an Agency that gives us the Friday off before every three-day weekend. So I get a whole week to go home in!

By then, I might actually be OK with four or five days on the Island. May/June is my favorite time of year there anyways. When I dream of home, it’s always June there, the time of year when it never quite gets all the way dark at night.

See y’all in three months!

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