last day before lent

Mardi Gras is the last day before Lent starts. Lent ends at Easter. I’ve decided to apply some historical perspective and quit all drinking for forty days. I’m not Christian – not even close – but I’ve been involving FAR too much alcohol lately in my social endeavors.

Which is pretty much why I went out to get sweatered last night. It was a PRESSFIRE! show -slash- after party at the Olin Ranch. I always get drunk and act like an idiot at those events. Usually, this takes the form of making out with some random guy. I succeeded in getting drunk last night, but not in the hooking up part. However, as all my other girlfriends were more successful in that area than I was, I wasn’t overly concerned at my streak ending.

That, and I wasn’t really in the mood for it anyways – I think I’m starting to lose my appetite for random contact like that. It’s fun, but it’s like playing a video game at this point. And I even get tired of video games fast.

The most amazing thing was that the venue was full. I mean, packed. And we only knew half the people at the show. The Pressfire have played the Good Hurt before, in the House Party Episode last November. They had a great turnout, but part of that was that we pushed the house party crew over there, too. This show, the turnout wasn’t just people that D brought in through her constant PR machine – they were people there to see the band that we didn’t know. There was a line. Seeing a friend’s band getting popular? Awesome.

Better still, knowing there will be more shows at the Good Hurt, because it’s so close to the house, and because their bartenders are dressed as Naughty Nurses (black minidresses and matching hats with red crosses, fishnets and heels and layers of eyeliner). My friends and I all want their outfits. And they pour very strong drinks.

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