My co-workers are ready to kill me because I’m sort of bouncing around the office today. I’m in a ludicrously good mood, prompted by the following:

  1. Having a bottle of St John’s Wort on my desk at work means I’ve been remembering to take it
  2. It’s sunny out! Ridiculously so! And it’s FEBRUARY. I’m starting to forget that, because my internal weather settings interpret this as MAY.
  3. I’m getting more exercise this week, in said sunshine.
  4. Work is going better. Much, much better. In an e-mail from an account director to a client today, I was referred to as the “lovely and talented Jillian, the online media guru”.
  5. I have “cooking club” tonight. One of my girl friends started it last month. Each month, someone different hostesses and cooks a complete meal. Eight of us gather to learn the recipe, drink wine, and gossip. This means I not only don’t have to cook tonight, but I also get to see my friends.
  6. Did I mention the sunshine?

Now, I have to go bounce over to the fax machine.

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