three hours of geekery later…

I finally got around to properly photoblogging New Orleans. I used JAlbum, which I am now in love with.

And then, because I wanted a cleaner site anyways – and just wasn’t an apt vanity domain name anymore – I moved the whole thing over to a new domain:

AND I hand-coded all the HTML myself for once, rather than using Frontpage. And used my crappy Photoshop skills to do the sidebars and headings. Actually, it sucks far less than anything I’ve created in the last few years, so I’m fairly happy about that. I’m still ironing out navigation and what not, but I’m OK with the layout so far.

Oh, and I also syndicate my LJ through it as well – it was a painless process – but I had to get a paid account to do it. So now I’ll have more usericons again.

In the meantime, you can all go check out my New Orleans photos – now with commentary! And easy to use flash-based interface! I love shareware.

In other random events, I had a good day today doing little to nothing. I went for a bike ride down to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market this morning and bought apples and vegetables. I took the ocean route, along the Venice bike path, which was (predictably) wonderful. The beach was full of happy people today.

I was just trancing out into a state of joy when my attention was diverted by a guy I went out with once, for coffee, after meeting him on MySpace last October. He had been trying to get my attention through my MP3 player. In a city this big, that was just really random – but then, I know enough people in L.A. that the odds are not that low I’ll run into someone I know if I’m in what I call the Middle Class White Zones of the city.

The Farmer’s Market is always a joy to go to. It’s a real community event. People walk in – they have to, because there is NO parking around the area, even on usual days. It’s held just down Main Street from my Venice Beach office location, just over the Santa Monica border, at a parking lot that’s right behind the Victorian (the old gingerbread mansion that now functions as a special events site) and the California Heritage Museum. I love going because everyone there is always really enjoying themselves; you’ll see dozens of families & locals just hanging out, eating brunch from one of the stands (pastries, omlettes, tamales, pancakes) and enjoying the sunshine. There’s kids everywhere, but they usually seem to enjoy it. And you can get all kinds of fun things – fresh vegetables, jewelry, dried fruit, clothes. It’s more expensive than even, say, Pike Place, but it’s a happy place to be on a sunny Sunday.

After that, I came home, finished reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and then went to Costco with my guy roomate. We needed a new coffee machine, because my beloved French press self-destructed yesterday. It just shattered into pieces, and I was sad as a result. It was an obvious mistake to go to a suburban Costco on a Sunday, but we survived nonetheless, and even found a shiny, cherry-red miniature vacuum to boot.

While in line, my guy roomate made the comment that “out of all the roomates we’ve had, you’re the best one.” Awww. That means a lot to me. I like my house – it’s a nerd house – and I’m really happy to have the roomates I do. Even if it means I missed the Simpsons tonight because said roomate was playing the video game that his company put out a few weeks ago (it’s called MERCENARIES, and he did all the vehicle design work in it)

So since then, I’ve been in my room, on and off, nerding out and redoing the website and all, and waiting to get sleepy. Which is finally happening, so it might be time for some sleep. I can sleep easy knowing I’ll be at my office on schedule tomorrow morning. Easier, at least.

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