why i’m still in los angeles

This morning, as I posted, I missed my plane because my alarm didn’t go off.

I could have probably gone down to LAX and hopped a standby flight. I didn’t. Because, although I liked the idea of going to Sundance two weeks ago, I have an IMPENDING SENSE OF DOOM about it. Not that a plane is going to crash or anything, just that I might not get to work on time on Monday. And by “on time” I mean “before 2pm.”

My roomate – who really wanted me to go – booked me on a couple Delta flights. The one out was nonstop, LAX to SLC. The one back required a connection through Fresno, and I wouldn’t have been back in L.A. before 1pm. Add to that 30% on time ratio of the outbound flight, and I might not have made it in Monday at all.

My roomate thought I’d be able to hop a standby flight and get in earlier, but what if I couldn’t? It’s the Monday after Sundance, and I’d imagine that flights back to L.A. from the film festival would be in short supply.

And what if I was needed on Monday? I didn’t put in a vacation request. What if a Higher Up came looking for me to resolve the ongoing tangle of accounting that’s been happening with one of my clients? My boss would have to account for me not being there, and he would NOT be happy about it.

So when I didn’t make the flight this morning, I thought – OK. I’m out the cash. My roomate has sacrificed some airmiles as well. Both of us are going to have to live with that – I am going to take this as a sign and stay home. Because even if I made it home on time Monday, I’d still be exhausted all week, and it would just spiral down from there. And as glamourous as the idea of going to Sundance was – I’d rather miss the parties and the films and stay home and keep my job. I just have a $140 flight credit on Delta Airlines now I’ll have to figure out a way to use.

Maybe I can use it to go back to New Orleans. I’m kind of homesick for it today. sammynella and I were going to go back for Hallowe’en. Hm.

Besides, there’s a party to go to in a few hours here in L.A. It isn’t as if I’m going to be home tonight.

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