I miss Fridays in high school. Oak Bay High let out at 2pm.

Then again, on a Friday ten years ago, the high point of my social contact would be maybe hanging out with a friend to watch Red Dwarf reruns on VHS. And more likely, I’d go home and spend literally hours on IRC. I think, ten years ago, about 80% of my social interaction came out of the Internet.

Ten years later, I’m going out to Hollywood for cocktails and…bowling.

I’m still listening to “Vs” right now.

New Orleans. Dress looks much more impressive from across a room. Lots of decolletage.

Today isn’t ending.
6pm, where are you?
Why can’t the Agency send us home at 2?

Oh, and I’m on a plane in twelve hours to Sundance. But I’m sure they have wifi there. I’ll post, I promise. >Bloggers are rampant there, it seems.

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