it’s 1am on a Thursday

I had a dream last night where I was in a tower room on one of the Gulf Islands, trying to frantically pack. It was reminiscent of the night I packed to move to L.A., actually. I was trying to pack to make a ferry, so I could catch a flight home to Los Angeles, and I kept forgetting to pack things.

In order to prevent that, I’d better get packing for Escape From Los Angeles #3 – The State of Arizona. I picked up a Lonely Planet Guide to that state tonight, and now I just have to get there to use it. I’m planning to load up my Saturn and head east in the morning. I’ll check in with pictures soon enough from Vegas, I’m sure – that’s the next stop on the agenda for Friday. It suddenly occurred to me today – I need to locate some shiny clothes for the next few days, because I’m spending New Year’s Eve at a hotel party where a reality show is being shot.

Happy 2005, everyone! See you Monday! I’m off to the Wild Wild West!

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