the morning after another friday at Miss Kitty’s

I have five unheard messages on my voicemail this morning. I played them back while scraping the congealed eyeliner off my eyes with cotton pads and remover. The first three were from last night, friends I’ve talked to since. The fourth was a friend, D’s roomate K, wanting to make sure that my carpool was on its way home to West L.A., after we left the club at 2am last night. The last was a possible date. Of course, it took me a minute and some identifying information to figure out which one. I’ve been Social Blitzing L.A. lately.

Miss Kitty’sis a slightly oversexed atmosphere, although the party is actually tame compared to most fetish bars and just thinks its daring and extreme. It isn’t even particularly goth – there are a lot of goth types there, but the music runs to Top 40s and 80s kitch. You don’t hear Shriekback’s “Nemesis”, but you do hear “Nobody Walks In L.A.” There are go-go dancers, male (both beefy and androgynous) and female (tattooed, of course), but they’re still wearing at least bathing suits worth of PVC.

However, I like it because I get to wear all those old goth clothes I used to wear out in Seattle. I like it because goths in their twenties are really, really friendly. Everyone’s done being angst-ridden by now, and is just into it for the costumes and the attitude, the music and the slightly lascivous and uninhibited atmosphere of the clubs. Which makes most people in the club lots of fun to talk to. Most people are approachable and friendly. So we met lots of new friends who I’d like to see again, who I can call to meet up with at the other places in town I’ve wanted to go, like Bar Sinister or Club Blue. It reminds me of when I first started going to the Seattle goth clubs years ago with Neil, and we didn’t know anyone, but made new friends who helped us out and told us where the good clubs and good music nights were. It’s a friendly community, even if it is one I don’t visit as often as I used to.

Of course, in that outfit, I get approached a lot. Which I don’t mind that much. I suppose I could have worn something less extreme, but thanks to my height, my curves and my face, I’m noticeable under any circumstances. I might as well play it up. And being a pretty girl always makes people friendlier towards me anyways. I’ve noticed that recently, that all social interaction (unless it’s in the parts of town where I am still considered fat) goes much better since I became thinner and more self-confident.

So. Fun times were had, and now I have to prepare to go out tonight, fix up my costume, etc. We have things to do, parties to prep for, oh, it’s Hallowe’en in Los Angeles, and I intend to enjoy it.

6 responses to “the morning after another friday at Miss Kitty’s

  1. ahhh yes I know what you mean about being tall and curvy, even tho I’m not all that tall, I’m 5’7, the average girl around here is usually like 5’3 and then if I wear any sort of heel :S I used to go to the bars in jeans and just a plain t-shirt and still get noticed like crazy, it annoyed me for a while but I’ve since learned to cope 😉

    and I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of you before this, you’re very pretty! 😀

  2. Uhm. That outfit is fucking HOT, honey.

    Oh, Sara and I had a chat about you the other day. You should e-mail her. 😉

  3. I think the average North American female is 5’3-5’5, depending on geography. but I also get the impression you’re well endowed in some areas 😉 my roomate has that problem too – no matter WHAT she wears.

    and thank you for the compliment 🙂

  4. awww. thanks baby 😉

  5. aw. thanks 😉 i wanted a red wig & devil horns to go with it, but ran out of time.

    and I’ll catch up with Sara in the near future, i promise 😉

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