bugs potter live at nickaninny

67 hours until we leave for Camp Lollapalooza. We’re now up to a count of 18 confirmed people. Of which, I think maybe four have any serious camping experience.

I suddenly find myself coordinating meals, sites, carpooling, tents and the Hearst Castle field trip for eighteen people. Oh well. It’s still easier than my Brownie troop – twentysomething rock stars don’t require permission slips, health forms and the dreaded Safe Guide.

Now I know what this reminds me of! BUGS POTTER LIVE AT NICKANINNY. That’s it! Rock stars in the woods? Am I the only one who sees the resemblance?

Or this could be a bad TV movie:

LIFETIME, 8PM, MOVIE OF THE WEEK, “A Canadian Girl In Los Angeles” (PG)
When Jillian decided to go camping with her friends in Los Angeles, she had no idea what she was getting into. Suddenly, eigheen people – including rock stars, hippies and a slew of city girls – are heading out to the woods with her. Can Jillian teach this crew how to camp without electricity? And, more importantly, can she teach them how to love the wilderness and open their hearts to nature. And can they pull off the benefit concert to save the town of Morro Bay from an evil nuclear weapons plant owner who is dumping waste into the river?

One response to “bugs potter live at nickaninny

  1. Hee! That was a great book!

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