I just talked to my mom about coming home for Labour Day.

She said Dad’s fine right now – and that I should wait until his next round of tests. It might be more important for me to save the money for airfare another weekend when I’m needed more, if he takes another turn for the worse.

I think she’s right. As much as I want to see my friends, it’s better I wait until Thanksgiving in October – and put the money away for a weekend when my family REALLY needs me.

Sigh. Also, better this than I break the patterns i have in L.A. and find it hard to get back into it on the Monday I come home. I’d hate to lose my connection to this city.

2 responses to “nevermind

  1. oh jill – what’s wrong with your dad?


  2. arrythmia of the heart – he was in the hospital all week on blood thinners.

    however, he’s fine now. in fact, better, because he’s quitting smoking because of it 🙂

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