i should know to stay away from jello shots

The last two jello shots were a bad idea, but my BBBQ was a GREAT idea. Twenty-something people, a fabulous DJ spinning, and many pounds of on-sale steak. Now, if I hadn’t been so drunk as to pass out by the time everyone else went to the bar, it would have been a bit better…but it was still absolutely superfabulous.

Of course, that’s why I’m up now. I can’t sleep when drunk – and I was hungry. I was the only person who didn’t eat. Which is probably why I was absolutely wrecked. And why I stayed here when the rest of the gang went to the scene of last night’s crimes at James Beach. And why I’m home alone the night after my own party, watching Sex & the City Season 6, Part One. I was too busy playing hostess to actually eat or really flirt, for that matter.

But I’m STILL not quite sure how I hit the lottery in the social life department. I’ve been here for just under three months – and I just threw a huge, successful party. It was absolutely crazy. I owe a lot of it to my friend D, but I realized – most of the people there – were there because I, Jillian, knew and invited them. For the friends who were invited, the handful of people within the state of California who couldn’t make it – you missed one hell of a party.

So my birthday, day three of three, was a huge success. Except for getting entirely too wasted and passing out. But from what I remember – and what the photos show – I had a great time! I had dozens of wonderful people, loud music, and half a cow in steak. What else do you need to celebrate one’s first birthday in Los Angeles?

And tomorrow? Beach time, more barbecues, and live bands. This place is great.

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