“lapse in communications?”

One of our larger clients just called. Apparently, NO ONE TOLD HIM THAT THE OLD COMPANY CLOSED, AND HIS ACCOUNT IS NOW BEING HANDLED BY A NEW COMPANY (which just has some of the same people working at it)

That’s it. I’m going to run away from home and join the Coast Guard.

5 responses to ““lapse in communications?”

  1. …better than the RCMP. Or so I hear.

  2. Inflatable boats are fun!

  3. Is this the same Rachael who is waituntillater?

  4. see, I’m thinking more of the NON inflatable boats with the machine guns mounted on the front. WAY more entertaining than the GT3.

  5. no, I’m from the 48 Hours thing way back when…www.dabrota.blogspot.com

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