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v-wall is a box of kittens!

Or so says the sign in the AUS office. One of the posse fell asleep Friday and kind of squeaked when she was woken up. So I said she sounded like a box of kittens. It stuck.

This is the camper who also said that we needed a box of kittens in the new Space (new Arts student lounge). Then when they turn into cats we can turn them loose on campus to eat the squirrels. Then when they multiply past reason we can get a box of puppies and repeat the cycle.

I’ve seen V-Wall and one of the other campers (who is from the unfortunate town of Abbotsford) for the last four days in a row. That occurred to me…that I see a lot of the AUS outside of school. And yet…I’m not tired of them.

It also makes it very, very sitcom like. We go to a school of 22K+ campers. And these are the people I see all the time. Like in 90210.

Thursday, five of us wandered down to Tower Beach. UBC’s on the ocean; it’s a triangle at the edge of a peninsula. But because Vancouver is all mountainous, it’s a couple hundred feet down from campus to the beach. Fine on the way down, tough coming up, which is why we rarely go down to the ocean.

But we hiked down there anyways, me, “‘Ford” boy, cracksmurf, V-Wall and AUS President “President Canoe”,
We threw rocks at the waves, and then settled down to sing camp songs, watched a SPETACULAR sunset, and then trudged back up, almost breaking ankles on the rocks in the dark.

Friday, we got lootered.

Saturday, all of us, except Prez Canoe, watched PCU and went for late nite sushi in Ditchmond.

Today, I just ran into “Box of Kittens” and “Prism of Puppies” in the office enroute home.

Now I’m at Melissa’s.

Between all this and spending two plus hours giggling with Sharolyn today…I’m a little behind on homework. Just a little.

Oh well. Seriously, who in college sitcoms ever does homework, much less goes to class?

Protected: friday night, continued

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College is not all about going on rampaging Friday night drinking benders. I actually only drink every few Fridays. Tonight is an alcohol free evening. Next weekend, I can’t drink because I’m serving the alcohol on Friday at the History beer garden.

I just wanted to say that before anyone thinks I make a habit of getting [lootered//sweatered//trolleyed//hammed//cardiganned//hammered//etc] That would be a BAD habit.

(it just looks bad because, let’s face it, the best anecdotes are from AUS-related drunken campus rampages.)

In other news, I have smoked exactly one cigarette in the last six days, on Wednesday. That’s all. Ta-da!

And now, off to the Saturday night social hopping!
*flapping butterfly wings*

(I’m having SUCH a good weekend! Social generated manic phase rocks my socks off)

the AUS has an entire thesaurus of terms for “drunk”

Last night, several of us made a conscious decision to go out and get [hammered//lootered//sweatered//hammed] on campus last night/ There are some nights where none of us have to work our own beer gardens or events. Like the night of the Welcome Back BBQ. And last night.

Added bonus: our Social Coordinator, rather than being stuck here minding Arts beer gardens, could rampage with the rest of us.

I started drinking at noon, with an Underground Long Island iced tea, and it was all downhill from there. I hadn’t had lunch at that point, so it went right to my head. I ended up, three hours later, in discussion group, mostly sobered after having gone home to get lunch. So of course, after class, I had to resume getting blasted all over again.

Some of the luckier kids were able to stay on the couches and keep drinking all afternoon. They disappeared off the scene pretty quick. Pesky Undergrounders.

Scene: three of us doing shots in the office at 4pm. I’d brought 2-oz bottles of liquor out.

By 5pm, most of us had hit the vodka garden in the SUB. These are put on by the Ukranian Cultural Club, and are a Really bad idea. They sell mixer and perogies, but only because the law makes them. And shots of vodka are 50 cents apiece. Six dollars later, I had tickets for eight shots of vodka and two servings of mix. Plus, I had a can of “ROCK STAR” energy beverage.

I invented a drink four shots later. Two shots vanilla vodka plus Rock Star drink = an Avril Levigne. Yes, it was technically horrible, but still secretly drinkable.

Eight shots later, I was on the Lootered Locomotive, way past Tipsytown, and well on the way to Drunkville. And I kept saying that…over and over.

And then we wandered over to Ski and Board’s garden next door, where we sat around and giggled for twenty minutes before finally heading to Geography’s garden.

This is where things get very, very fuzzy. I’ll finish this later…right now, I’m going to have to find some coffee. Or something.

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Protected: still sane

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Protected: in kirkland

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I’m actually in the AUSffice, working on a book report. Or rather, pretending to. Instead, I’m continuing to use the wireless network for non academic purposes. Specifically, to gossip.

UBC campus is now my home village. I haven’t had to leave in days, and that was Tuesday when me and a troop of the AUSers went to take advantage of Cheap Food Tuesdays. We each got $2 veggie subs at Subway, and then got $1.69 McNuggets, and made…McNugget subs. It was brilliant. We sat in McD’s, eating subs. Then we piled four people into the backseat of Zippy and came back to campus.

I like having a home village. If I hadn’t been off looking for food, I would never have to leave.

Anyways, back to the homework. Back to the book reports. Back to, well, not posting. There’s a few reasons I haven’t posted lately, starting with lack of enthusiasm, followed up with apathy. There’s been stuff happening. There’s been lots of stuff happening. Whistler, for example. But I haven’t really cared…it;’s that Time of Month again, and it’s Winter again, and so…

…and so, I’m tired.

gonna run away from home and live on the beach…

sometimes, it’s a tempting thought…

…and yes, i surf flipdog for fantasy jobs