this is the most excitement we’ve had all day

So I’m hanging with the gang in the office after class, and suddenly, we see a squirrel on the outside of an open window of the Buchanan B-block. It suddenly drops into the classroom. We all exchange glances. One of the guys takes off for the classroom at top speed. I follow.

I find him tapping the heater on the side of the wall, where the squirrel has gotten stuck. There’s space inside these heaters for whole colonies of squirrels, after all, but we don’t know if it will cook the squirrel. Four of us poked at it for a few minutes, then gave up, and decided that maybe if we left the squirrel would come out on his own.

Quote: “if the squirrel roasts, we can make it into gumbo and call it squmbo!”

We should really go up and check on it again. For the record, it was in B319.

One response to “this is the most excitement we’ve had all day

    Squirell Flambay

    It sounds like a redneck thanksgivin
    get get

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