survey SAYS!

Another survey. Thank you,

2 responses to “survey SAYS!

  1. Howdy

    Part of your Texas girl posse has been thinking about you A LOT lately. Wishing either you were here, or I was there, and we could talk, hang, drink, eat sushi, make curry, cook up a great brew/spell, read cards, watch TSpotting, listen to Garbage, and just have fun.


  2. Today, Vanessa told me I have down syndrome

    Hello, uh, sockgirl. I was looking through the sites referring people to the underground’s website and I saw this site and I was all like “what the fuck is that site?” so I clicked on it and here I am. Hi! Thank you for referring people to I like puppies! Keep the ho train rolling! Hurray for kittens! Down with cancer! Dentistry is the field of kings! Up with equality! I hate pants!

    – Trevor

    PS: I know you

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