College is not all about going on rampaging Friday night drinking benders. I actually only drink every few Fridays. Tonight is an alcohol free evening. Next weekend, I can’t drink because I’m serving the alcohol on Friday at the History beer garden.

I just wanted to say that before anyone thinks I make a habit of getting [lootered//sweatered//trolleyed//hammed//cardiganned//hammered//etc] That would be a BAD habit.

(it just looks bad because, let’s face it, the best anecdotes are from AUS-related drunken campus rampages.)

In other news, I have smoked exactly one cigarette in the last six days, on Wednesday. That’s all. Ta-da!

And now, off to the Saturday night social hopping!
*flapping butterfly wings*

(I’m having SUCH a good weekend! Social generated manic phase rocks my socks off)

2 responses to “amendment

  1. you drunken slut!!:P

  2. judgy wudgy was a bear!

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