Daily Archives: April 11, 2002

one more special message to go, then i’m done, then i can go home

Got home at 6am from Seattle this morning. Ziv wanted to go a little further than Bellingham down the road. So we went to the Mercury, and went for breakfast with my boyfriend, and came home. It was one of those Random Adventures, like us crazy young people with cars do.

Minor snags at the border – where they insisted on double checking my identity – but I’ve got that before, and I wasn’t surprised at 5am, that they were mildly suspicious.

Major snag coming back from the club over 520. The bridge was shut down for “random maintenance”. Cars started to back up. People realized that they were going to be stuck a few minutes…and turned off the engine and got out of their cars. It was like the video for “Everybody Hurts” (which was shot in Dallas), only on a floating bridge. That, and instead of looking all dramatic, someone cranked up a car stereo of R&B and everyone started hanging out on the bridge. Most of the people out there were guys my age…UW students and other young, hip Eastsiders coming back from partying in Seattle. I have no doubt it would have turned into a kegger if the bridge hadn’t opened when it did.

Going to go read trashy novels for a few hours now. No exams for a few days…I’m on break. Then I have to go help my sister pack up her Totem Park dorm room…she & me & one of her friends & one of my AUS colleagues are all heading to the Island on the boat tonight & have to figure out a way to pack more people and stuff into a medium sized coupe than really should be packed.